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  1. 「設定」「Bluetooth」に進む。
  2. ペアリングされている機器の名前(機器の裏側に製品番号があります。例 “HeartMath-HRV1345”) をタップ。
  3. 接続解除をタップしてクリアにする。
  4. 設定を閉じます。

BLE description image


  • Inner Balanceアプリをスタートする。
  • 左上の歯車マーク「設定」をタップ。
  • 「App and Sensor Information」をタップ。
  • 「Forget All Sensors」をタップして、全てのセンサーとの同期を一旦解除する。

Inner Balance アプリを閉じて、スマートフォンも再起動します。


  1. Mandala(マンダラ)ページの下の方をタップして、▶︎をクリックしセッションをスタートする。
  2. アプリがセンサーを探し始める。
  3. 自分のセンサー製品名が出てきたら、(例 “HeartMath-HRV1345″)タップするとアプリと接続される。
  4. “Success-Connected to the Sensor”が出るまで待つ。
  5. セッションが継続的にできるようになる。

BLE installation description image

Inner Balance Bluetooth (BTLE) Sensor Pairing / Bonding Issues

Feb 10, 2017

Please ensure to keep the Bluetooth Sensor for charging at least for 2 hours before you can start using it.

By Definition:
Pairing: Syncing a Bluetooth device to your phone, iPad etc.
Bonding: Is the act of syncing to an app within your device.


  • Go to Settings / Bluetooth
  • Tap on Bluetooth settings.
  • Tap and hold the (ex: “HeartMath-HRV1345”) paired device.
  • In some devices you will need to tap on the small Gear Icon Next to the sensor number displayed (ex: HeartMath-HRV1345)
  • Tap “Unpair” to clear the Sensor from the device

BLE description image
Now, turn off Bluetooth once to save the settings change and Turn it back on again.


  • Open Inner Balance App.
  • Go to Settings (Small gear Icon at the top left corner).
  • Go to App Information.
  • Tap on – Forget All Sensors.

Close the Inner Balance App and Restart your device.

BLE installation description image

Now, the App will perform a search for the Sensor
Once the Sensor is found successfully, Tap on the Sensor Name (ex: HeartMath-HRV1345) to finish connecting the Sensor with the App
Wait until you get the message “Success – Connected to the Sensor”
Now, you will see the session has started and is running consistently

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